Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Note: This English version is only a translation of the Japanese version, and is provided for reference only. The Japanese version is the official version.

Last updated on the 9th of October, 2013

KDDI Web Communications Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "we", "our" or "us") recognizes the importance of the personal information of our customers and undertakes the protection of this information. This privacy policy specifies how personal information is handled in "CPI", "CloudCore", "Jimdo", "Twilio for KDDI Web Communications", and Symantec coupon marketing site ( (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Our Services").

Collection of personal information

When you wish to use Our Services, we collect your personal information using the following forms.

CPI and CloudCore
Twilio for KDDI Web Communications
Symantec coupon marketing site

In addition, we may acquire your personal information by fax or telephone etc.
We may also acquire information for our business needs. When we do so, we shall acquire this information by appropriate means when it corresponds to the Personal Information defined in Acts on the Protection of Personal Information.

Purposes of use of personal information

The purposes of use of your personal information that we shall acquire are as follows. If the information we acquire corresponds to personal information, we shall not use this personal information for anything other than the following purposes without consent from the person in question, except in cases where use of the personal information is allowed by the provisions of the Acts on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws.

Among the purposes above, notifications regarding our products or services or those of affiliated companies as well as questionnaires for the purpose of collecting customers' opinions on our current services or services planned to be launched in the future, we provide a framework which allows the customers to determine whether or not to receive those notices etc.

Disclaimer with respect to the disclosure of personal information

We shall not disclose personal information to a third party without your express consent except in cases specified in this policy or cases where the disclosure of personal information is allowed by the provisions of the Acts on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws.
We may access to personal information and disclose it to a third party in following cases.

Provision of personal information to a third party

We shall not sell or rent personal information to a third party without your express consent.
We may contact you via our external business partners with respect to products and services which you appear to be interested in. Even in this case, we shall not transfer your personal information to such external business partners without your express consent.

We may retain a third party to utilize personal information within the scope of the purpose of use stated above. In this case, the personal information provided to the third party shall be limited to the extent necessary for its utilization of the personal information on our behalf in accordance with this privacy policy.
This third party shall bear an obligation to maintain our customers' personal information as confidential information and it is prohibited by the agreement executed with us to use such information for any purpose other than the contracted work.

The personal information of the customers who use "Jimdo" shall be provided to Jimdo GmbH and other partner companies. Please refer to this website for the privacy policies of those companies.
The personal information of the customers who use "Twilio for KDDI Web Communications" shall be provided to Twilio Inc. Please refer to for the privacy policy of Twilio Inc.

Use of the advertising network of a third party

We may place banner advertisements or text advertisements on our website through an advertising network operated and managed by a third party.

These advertisements shall be placed on our websites after determining whether or not to place it according to our standards.

We recommend that you read the policy on protection of personal information on the website and confirm how personal information is collected and utilized when you enter and register your personal information on the linked websites.

We shall not be responsible for the contents provided on the websites operated by companies other than us or the protection of personal information on those websites.


We may use cookies, including third-party Cookies, on our website in order to improve our services to customers such as changing the contents of our website or the enhancement of navigation etc. and by the use of cookies, some data shall be transmitted to through our website and stored on your computer.

Cookies are not used for identification of your personal information.
You can disable Cookies by adjusting the settings on your web browser but that may affect the full function of Our Services.

Web beacons

We may use web beacons, including third-party web beacons, in order to provide better service, and by the use of web beacons, information such as cookie numbers, the number and dates of your visits to a certain web page or information in your browser on web pages that you have visited shall be collected and stored. These data shall be stored without being linked to the customers' personal information and processed as anonymous statistical data.

Access log

We record the history of your visits to our web pages and contents in order to research which web pages or contents are popular on our website, and use the results as a reference when we make web pages and contents going forward. This history shall be stored without being linked to the customers' personal information and processed as anonymous statistical data.

Security of personal information

We strive to manage your personal information safely and we safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, leakage or alteration etc. by using various security technologies and procedures. Personal information provided by the customers is stored on a computer accessible only by a limited number of people in a controlled facility.
In addition, for all employees, including regular employees, contracted employees and dispatched employees, participation to a security training is required at the time of joining the company as well as regularly thereafter, and we conduct regular audits on the process of dealing with customer complaints.

Modification of personal information

Stored personal information of the customer who is currently using Our Services can be modified by using an information modification form provided as part of Our Services.

Request for notification of purposes of use, requests for disclosure, correction or suspension of use etc. as it relates to personal information

When we receive requests from the customers themselves for disclosure, correction/ addition/deletion, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to a third party or notification of the purposes of use regarding personal information, we shall confirm the identity of the applicant and respond to those requests sincerely and promptly in accordance with the provisions of the Acts on the Protection of Personal Information.
We may not accept a request if the request does not meet the requirements specified by the Acts on the Protection of Personal Information, or rejection of disclosure etc. is permitted by the provisions of the Acts on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws.
We do not charge you any fee etc. related to a request for disclosure etc.@However, communication and transportation expenses to contact us as well as the costs incurred in relation to the preparation of documents required for the identity confirmation as provided in the above shall be at your expense.

Modification of privacy policy

We may modify this privacy policy to reflect the customers' opinions. This modification becomes effective at the time when we post the revised version of the privacy policy on our website. We shall change the date of the last update at the top of this page.

If we use your personal information in a different way from the way originally stated at the time of collection of information, we shall notify you of this on our website and provide a framework which allows you to determine whether or not to permit the use of personal information in such a way.
We recommend that you confirm this privacy policy regularly to be aware of how we handle your personal information.

Contact for inquiries

If you have any queries about our privacy policy, please send an e-mail to:

Privacy Officer
KDDI Web Communications Inc.
MINAMI AOYAMA BRIGHT SQUARE 10F, 2-26-1 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062


If you think we have breached the privacy policy contained on our website, please contact us through the e-mail address above. We will confirm the content thereof, reply to you by e-mail and take appropriate measures.