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KDDI Web Communications Inc. Presents the all new corabbit Interface and Dashboard

KDDI Web Communications Inc. Presents the all new corabbit Interface and Dashboard


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Tokyo, Japan - KDDI Web Communications Inc. is excited to announce the launch of corabbit's all new User Interface and Dashboard. The official launch date for the new interface is 3:00PM JST on June 16th, 2014.

corabbit is a cloud based collaboration service for designers, people who work with designers, and anyone who works in a multi-deliverable environment. With corabbit users can give or receive feedback (which includes drawings, sketches, comments, or area comments) or approval easily, back up or restore a file from any point safely, send a file to anyone securely, or compare multiple versions of a file side by side quickly.

corabbit has developed a new dashboard interface with the intention that users can create a projects for a specific task or tasks.
With these tasks and projects corabbit users can invite others to view, review, approve, or contribute in general to these tasks specified or assigned. The dashboard includes detailed updates as to the state of each task in the project as well as access to the assets of the project as a whole. These assets were previously the file storage aspect of the previous corabbit interface.

The preview interface has also been vastly improved. corabbit now has additional tools to enhance the annotation of files as well as the ability to assign users directly to review the files. The preview interface comment system has also been improved to be more convenient for the users. Last but not least approval functionality has been added to the new preview interface letting stakeholders give final consent to the state of a file.

In order to be suitable for freelancers, small or large teams, small internal projects, or large multi-firm projects, corabbit includes 8 types of plans, including 2 free plans, that will hopefully fit the needs of any type of user.

With the support of our customers and the continued improvements to the service we hope to make corabbit the clear choice and leader in the cloud based collaboration arena.

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KDDI Web Communications Inc. is a consolidated subsidiary of KDDI Corporation. KDDI Web Communications Inc. focuses on hosting solutions for small and medium sized enterprises and now accounts over 40,000 corporate clients. KDDI Web Communications Inc. also provides website building services for Jimdo and telephony infrastructure services for Twilio in the Japanese market.